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Dolphin Windlasses for boats up to 45 ft

Anchorlift Dolphin Windlasses

A powerful and compact windlass. Deck unit and vertical shaft is constructed of solid AISI 316L Stainless Steel for long term, trouble-free operation. This Low Profile model are designed for smooth, silent operation, and takes up less space on the deck. Drop speed  40m pr min. Manual free fall with adjustable clutch.

D1012 Boats 35 to 45ft Bow and stern installations. 8mm chain 14-15mm rope. 

DA1012 Boats 35 to 45 ft Bow and stern nstallations. 8mm chain 14-15mm rope.

We strongly recommended to use chain only on windlasses as this has proven to have the best result in any condition, both while anchoring and technical. Many think that an all chain system is much heavier than a rope system, but on a total system the total weight different is not critical. All chain system can also use a smaller anchor as the chain also has good effect on the anchors holding power.

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