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Radio remote "Autodrop"

Anchorlift Autodrop wireless remote controls IP67

With a radio control installed you will have a full control of windlass operation wherever you are on board. The control consists of a transmitter and holder and a receiver with cable. With the autodrop function your highspeed Anchorlift windlass feels like a free fall windlass but with full control. The windlass will run automatically for 40 seconds (approx 25m/80ft) before stopping. To enable the autodrop just press the DOWN button on your transmitter. To stop the autodrop at any time, press DOWN once on the receiver. When stopped you have immediately full grip on your chain and rope that are not the case with other free fall windlass that must run up for some time before you have grip on your chain and rope.

92004: 4 channel output 12/24v operate your windlass and bow thruster

92008: 8 channel output 12/24v operate two windlasses and two thrusters, bow and stern

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